Baked Alaska-Chronicles of our Arctic Meltdown
Polar Bear P.R.Floaters: Polar Bear P.R.
Whale watch sighting of drowned polar bears unleashes waves of interagency grief.

Boat thumbnailLosing a way of life
The Inupiat people of Alaska have had the same traditions for thousands of years. Known as "people of the ice," how will they adapt to the changes in the climate as the ice melts and the summers become warmer?

Launch at own riskA Convenient Truth
Sure, there's a lot of hype about global warming, but is it really the cause of everything it's credited for? One of our scientists questioned the trend of jumping to conclusion.

Faux Palm TreeSigns of Change
In Barrow, scientists and residents shared their views on how the climate has changed, even in just the last 20 years. From sea-pack ice to ice cellars and whaling, change is certain in Barrow.;

Polar Bear P.R.Barrow Gallery
Explore Barrow and the surrounding sea ice in the Barrow photo gallery.