BARD-A-THON 2013: Live and Will in Fairbanks


Written by Extreme Alaska

One more the Bard's words sail across cyberspace. Local volunteers pitch in around the clock whispering, barking, crying and humbling reading WIlliam Shakespeare's peerless pages, reigniting imagination across the ages. 

Get the schedule an video stream here.

If music is the only reward, Fairbanks Shakespeare Volunteers are officially on break. Expect other hiccups as our local players sometimes miss their cues, along with tongue-tied stumbles and bathroom breaks, pardon such pauses and be patient, dear audience. Action, such as there is, will resume.

In keeping with this Far North tradition, Will's readers soldier forward until his cannon is complete. This year that means Jan. 29.

Better yet, head down to the Empress and embrace immortality adding your voice to the joyous flood of words.


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