Family housing poop policy raises a stench

For years, fish were the only pets allowed in campus housing.


Dogs are now allowed in select campus housing. The thaw accompanying spring revealed a downside to the new policy: some dog lovers weren't diligent pooper scoopers over winter.

 “It’s sad dog owners are being irresponsible and not picking up after their dogs,” said Hess Village resident Ruth Ranson.  She’s been keeping an eye on her young daughter to insure dog poop is not tracked inside--or ingested.  “No one wants any kind of poop in their child’s mouth, Ranson says,” residing in Hess Village family housing.

Darrin Bear Edson, superintendent of operations, calls the poop accumulation over winter "a huge issue" his staff deals with every year. "My opinion is dog owners must be held 100 percent accountable, cleaning up after animals is their responsibility not ours, it should be stated clearly in the UAF pet policy.” 


Students celebrate warmer weather

Students wearing shorts, bright colors and big sunglasses celebrated warmer weather at the SpringFest kick off barbeque. Along with the traditional watermelon drop, students competed in a dance off Thursday morning while others watched basking in the sunshine.


SpringFest Service creates a cleaner, nicer campus



    The UAF Tradition even older than SpringFest is campus clean up. It occurs Friday morning before the celebration type events occur. Now SpringFest weekend includes SpringFest Service run by the UAF Leadership Involvement Volunteer Expierence (LIVE) office. This year students worked in groups on several projects around campus.


Hawaiin breeze stirs up Springfest weekend

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity hosted three days of free public events April 26 – 28. The music and dance celebration took place on April 28th.

Let's feel the love, peace, and harmony through their dance waves. Aloha!


Mud volleyball brings out a crowd

mudsetup1     Mud volleyball is one of the favorite events of SpringFest participants. Both participants and viewers dressed in florescents and SpringFest swag. What makes mud volleyball so special? Everyone loves to get dirty. Games are stalled as teams wrestle in the mud while viewers  of the tournament dodge mud in the splash zone.


SpringFest brings musical delights

macklemoreweb            Every year, during the last weekend of April right before classes are set to end, the University shuts down for a small party to help keep the students motivated.  They put on activities like BBQs, Quidditch matches, Rugby, the SRC Late Nighter, Lottanobooza, Mud Volleyball and the almighty Watermelon Toss. One of the most attended events of the weekend is the annual SpringFest Concert.


Loco For Logos

A flurry of emails has set the university abuzz this week.  It all has to do with our logo, how to use it, and what it means.

It all began in May of 2011.  All departments were asked by UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers to use the logo that emphasized the word “Alaska.” The logo that emphasized the word “Fairbanks” should no longer be used.

An email from the Chancellor’s Office on Tuesday stated, “I’m not asking that departments reprint existing stock, but that new items include the correct logo. After a year of inconsistent results, I told cabinet members I would impose a $1,000 logo infraction fee at the cabinet level to reinforce the branding efforts.”


Mud Volleyball


"Extreme" dance brought to Nenana


Breakdancers have been around the University of Alaska Fairbanks for almost ten years, but their recent workshops in Nenana will hopefully attract a larger following to the art.

Kendra Calhoun, program manager for the Youth and Families with Promises program at the UAF Cooperative Extension Service, was the architect behind this past weekend’s breakdancing workshops.

Workshops were to originally be held in Nenana and Minto. However, a recent accident in Minto changed Calhoun’s plan, with Effie Kokrine Charter School slated to fill in for the village.


Director of Outdoor Adventures Talks Ice Wall

Mark Oldmixon, the UAF Director of Outdoor Adventures talks a little bit about where the idea of the Ice Wall came from, what it means for UAF students and future projects that Outdoor Adventures is looking into.