TWISTED ROAD: Case offers insights about mind of a serial killer



Baristas practice self defense

 It seems every barista has a story ranging from inappropriate suggestions to robbery.

Safety concerns rippled through the roadside service industry following the tragic abduction and murder of Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig in early February 2012. Extreme sat in as local baristas gathered for a free session in self-defense.

Attendees learned how to defuse potentially dangerous situations, defend one’s self and escape.

Jeff Nielsen, owner of Frostbite Vale-Tudo where the class took place, said he wants participants to leave with feelings of confidence and self-awareness. Former barista Jaime Aimes contacted Nielsen to arrange the class after Koenig’s abduction. Aimes described the dissapearance as “My worst fear come true.”


Details on Koenig's case released

samanthamemorialThe U.S. Attorney’s Office released information about charges relating to the death of an Anchorage barista, Samantha Koenig, at 2:30 this afternoon, April 18, 2012. The announcement comes exactly 11 weeks since Samantha Koenig’s abduction, and four days before her memorial service at West High School in Anchorage.

Israel Keyes has been charged with kidnapping and killing Koenig, receiving ransom money and using a stolen debit card. View the indictment PDF.

Koenig being laid to rest will offer some closure to friends and family in this tragedy, but justice has yet to surface.

Photo by Bill Roth, Anchorage Daily News


Israel Keyes, person of interest

This is a photo of Israel Keyes truck. APD and the FBI are looking for witnesses who know anything about the movements of this pickup in January and February.Israel Keyes is a person of interest in the Samantha Koenig abduction case.

The U.S. Marshall Service transported him to Anchorage March 25th. Israel Keyes was arrested for access device fraud, using a stolen credit card. The cardholders name has not been released, but confimed it's not Samantha Koenig’s. 


Murderer's suicide brings no closure