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No justice for Sophie Sergie

Seventeen years after a former UAF Student's murder in a campus dorm bathroom, Alaska State Troopers appear no closer to catching Sophie Sergie's killer.

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Eleana Sergie marks the anniversary of her daughter Sophie's unsolved 1993 murder, lighting a memorial candle at St. Matthews Church in Fairbanks. Each of the 33 candles lining the table for the "Gathering of Remembrance" represents an unsolved Interior Alaska murder.

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A year after announcing a new theory about a former UAF student's 1993 murder in a dorm,



 troopers decline to discuss whether the lead panned out, or brought


 authorities any closer to catching Sophie Sergie's killer.

"The press release you mention was issued specifically as an investigative tool to attempt to shake loose additional leads" wrote Robert Gorder, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Public Safety, responding to UAF Journalism's request for case records in the 17-year-old investigation, including an independent forensic expert's report troopers cited as a potential break in April 2009.


Sergie was a Yupik woman from Pitkas Point, a small village located near Saint Mary's, some 500 miles southwest of Fairbanks. A marine biology major, she attended UAF from 1990-1992 on full academic scholarship from British Petroleum. At the time of her murder in Bartlett Hall during a visit to town, Sergie was 20.

She would have been 38 this holiday season.


"Please be advised that your request is denied in its entirety," Gorder wrote in his Nov. 22 response, "on the basis that disclosure of the records could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings and would disclose confidential techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions."

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Decade-old murder investigation heats up with new theory about crime scene.

Flash needed

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identify_victimA caribou antler rack affixed to the wall next to a tall bookshelf attests to the office owner's current assignment, enforcing state fish and game regulations. In the past, however, Alaska
State Trooper Lieutenant Lantz Dahlke stalked more dangerous game.

The lieutenant is a former homicide detective and, later, cold case investigator. The discovery April 26, 1993, of a young woman's body, murdered in a dorm bathroom at University of Alaska Fairbanks, haunted him in both capacities.

More than a decade later the Sophie Sergie case remains hard to forget.


Frustrating case


Video about elusive suspects

Killer's behavior suggested no stranger to dorm


Detective's bottom line

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