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New Alaskan Star PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jane Groseclose   
The aleutihenricia federi is a new sea star speciesA new species of sea star has been discovered in the Aleutian Islands. The species was discovered by Stephen Jewett, Heloise Chenelot and Max Hoberg and was named Aleutihenricia federi after long-time UAF Professor of Marine Biology, Howard Feder. Sea stars come in all colors, but this one is orangeand red, quite pretty.
UAF Fisheries Students Win Award PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Anderson   

Three students in the school of fisheries and ocean sciences won awards for best poster at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in Anchorage last month. The students each won a $250 cash price for their posters.

To find more information about the students and thier posters, see the full article here.

Chatanika Whitefish are Making A Comeback PDF Print E-mail
Written by rachel saylor   


According to scientists at UAF, Humpback whitefish have finally recovered from a population crash that occured in the 1980's, when the Chatanika River supported a popular sport fishery for Humback whitefish. This resulted in fisherman catching over 25,000 fish during the 1987 fall spawning season.

Now, studies from UAF scientist have unveiled that by comparing size, age, growth and mortality rates, it has become clear that humpback whitefish have recovered.

For further information go to SFOS Newsletter

Underwater gliders may change how scientists track fish PDF Print E-mail
Written by Howard Hardee Jr.   

In an effort to track tagged fish across the vast expanses of Alaska's continental shelves, UAF's Pete Winsor, associate professor of physical oceanography, and Andrew Seitz, assistant professor of fisheries, successfully deployed underwater "gliders" capable of covering thousands of miles of ocean. Read more here.


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