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Easy Taco Casserole


Extreme reporter Molly Lane shares her version of a hearty South-of-the-Border meal.

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes 

Serves 8 


Make your own Eskimo ice cream

Extreme coorespondent Tony Pacheco visited a Akutaq-making workshop at the Festival of Native Arts where volunteer Kelsey Wallace demonstrates her Alaska style homemade "ice cream" process.


Akutaq, Ice Cream of the North

Akutaq, Ice Cream of the NorthThe first two days of the 39th Annual Festival of Native Arts begin with morning and afternoon workshops. 

Volunteers conduct workshops and teach arts and crafts, traditional Native dances and languages, and Akutaq making. 

Akutaq is more commonly known as Eskimo ice cream.

            The Akutaq workshop is run by Native Alaskan student volunteer Kelsey Wallace who, prior to the class had little experience making Akutaq herself, “I’ve made it maybe six times but my mom always made it and it’s my turn to take over.”

            Interacting with the audience, Kelsey asked how much of each ingredient to use and an onlooker called out, “Guestimate!”  It might have seemed like a joke and was greeted with laughs but Kelsey and the other volunteers confirmed that much of the recipe is subject to guestimation. The recipe is unique to each village and likely to each household.


Uncle Jack's Taters

Flash needed

This potato recipe is one of my favorites for steak-n-potatoes, for many reasons. First, it is EASY and FAST.