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'Ask' and ye shall receive: 2012 APC Conference delivers on its promise

This is a placeholder. This column will discuss my experience with this year's APC conference and will feature quotes from journalists who ran it, attended it or chose not to attend it.


First Person: Going Bananas

Editor's note: In this second installment, Tim Edsell recounts the swimming team parent's quest for something to do with a bus full of restless kids when the meet schedule is upended hundreds of miles from home.


Swimmers take your mark…BLEEP!

Day Two of the Banana Swim Meet started as scheduled at 9 a.m.

Of course I’d been up since 7 Saturday morning, the alarm clock thankfully marking the end to a long and restless night sleeping on the floor in room 204 of Valdez High School.  This wasn’t my first time on the merry-go-round. I had packed an air mattress to cushion the unforgiving cement.  But the result was still aching muscles, sore joints and a headache from tossing and turning all night.


First Person: Banana Meet Bound

The gentle hum of the engine purred behind me as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes on this cold winter morning.  Dressed and out the door at 6:25 a.m. was not the way I planned to begin my much-anticipated day off from work.

Twenty-four students mostly in pajamas and sweats and nine adults from the North Pole Aquatic Swim Club piled onto a bus at 7:00 a.m for a marathon ride to the Banana Swim meet.

The experience is not uncommon I guess.  Students all over the country travel to away games and meets to compete with their local peers.  But, here in Alaska, “local peers” takes on a different kind of meaning.  This particular event is being held in Valdez, Alaska; more than 360 miles away, one-way over snow and ice covered roads.


FIRST PERSON: Cruising in a Stryker taxi

By Faith Minnema

UAF Journalism

FORT GREELY, Alaska-- Wind bit my face. In Interior Alaska, early October means cold weather – if not snow. It wasn't snowing today, but the wind was staggering as I stood in the gunner's hatch of a cruising Stryker armored vehicle.

My eardrums pounded, even with the headset on. Our trip had just begun and my eyes were watering.