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Campus Discussion


Around the U.S. Occupy movements have been vanishing, but Occupy Fairbanks continues to stand against capitalism. This 2012 Fairbanks panel discussion includes discourse on the events and issues leading to the Occupy Fairbanks movement.  Panelists include:  Scott McAdams - Democratic US Senate Candidate 2010, Dr. Sean Parson - UAF Asst. Professor of Political Science, Dr. Mike Peppinger - UAF Associate Professor of Economics, Dick Nelson - Alaskan activist, journalist, and writer, Dr. Kara Dillard - UAF Asst. Professor of Sociology, David Giessel - Asst. Organizer for Campaign for Liberty (Greater FBX Chapter).

Moving Occupy

may-day-general-strike   After last week’s eviction from the Veteran’s Memorial Park the occupy Fairbanks protesters hit the streets in honor of May Day. 

“Today we went on a march in solidarity with other marches and actions around the world,” explained Julia Eddy, “It’s mainly to bring awareness to the fact that the workers run this country.” 

Historically May 1st is a worker’s rights day that calls for a general strike, no work, school, or commerce. The year the Occupy Fairbanks group members marched from the UAF campus down to the Noel Wine library, where they set up camp. 

Occupy Fairbanks member Ethan Sinsabaugh said, “I don’t think we’re going to do a permanent, fixed location, at least not here anyways.”

Later that day the occupy group members took down their tent and left the premise.  This is the first time since last October that the group does not have a fixed demonstration area.  Due to insufficient resources the group remains optimistic about their “moving” occupy movement. 

“It’s a double edge sword in all honesty,” explained Sinsabaugh, “ now we can really narrow it down and focus on these individual issues and get our point across that way, I think it will work out better.”   

Future Occupy Fairbanks summer events will include Occupy the Pipeline and a public demonstration against military drone practices at J-Park.  For more information about the roaming Occupy Fairbanks movement visit:


Occupy the Pub

Following last week's Veterans Memorial Park eviction, the Occupy Fairbanks group members held a fundraiser at the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks pub.

"Its weird not having to think about the tent since last October," said David Leslie. 


Occupy Eviction

Thursday morning two Occupy Fairbankjeffoccupyimg_3762s protesters received an eviction notice from the North Star Borough Assembly. This final warning comes after multiple negotiations between the North Star Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins and the Occupy Fairbanks group members. 

“Why we’re going along with this sort of thing,” asks Occupy Fairbanks protester Chris White, “Is there’s going to be a lot of use of the park by private people and we would be taking the tent down and putting it up again.”  Earlier this week new Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly park rules and regulations were announced, for all areas in owned by the borough.   Regulation number seven states: